The complete beginners guide to trading forex

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The Active Forex EBook is the ideal solution for all beginners who plan to enter the forex arena. Our EBook delivers all-you-need-to-know information on forex trading including history of forex, risks and risk management, effective forex strategies and tips for excellent forex trading.

Download the Active Forex EBook to gain lucrative forex trading guidelines and tips and have a prosperous forex business.

What about the content?

Trading FOREX online

Find out more about the world of FOREX online. The platforms, the system, the traders and all the ins and outs of trading forex online.

How to Trade

Find valuable information on how to trade, understanding of FOREX quotes, managing risk and how to use charts.

Technical Analysis

Read more on what technical analysis is, kind of charts available and the different methodologies you can follow in your strategy using charts.

How to select a Forex company to trade with

With so many FOREX companies around you have to be careful with which company you open an account. Learn which ads to trust and how to select a FOREX company to trade with.

Fundamental Analysis

You can never underestimate the fundamental analysis of the FOREX market. Find out why its so important to follow all the latest information around the market.

Forex Strategies

Becoming a pro FOREX trader requires education, experience and above all the use of great strategies. We explain to you the importance and benefits of FOREX strategies.

Forex Psychology and Money Management

Learn the importance of managing your money when trading FOREX as well as the psychology of FOREX trading. Understand how to control the situation and be a winner.


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